What To Do After You Have An Abortion

Sex After an Abortion – Do Netflix Without The “Chill”
It’s important to relax after having an abortion. Stream your favorite television shows and eat your favorite food. However, it’s important to not have sexual intercourse while you do the aforementioned. You should not have sex for three weeks after having an abortion. Why? Because it’s imperative that you heal with no issues and don’t become pregnant immediately after your procedure.

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Observe Your Healing Process
After your procedure, it’s important to observe how you are healing and if you start to see any complications. Wondering ‘how long will I bleed after an abortion’? A normal recovery will have: spotting or bleeding that is continuous or on and off for a three week period. Some patients may not bleed at all. While others may pass black, brown and red blood clots. There may be nipple discharge, elevated body temperatures, and emotional changes too. Pregnancy symptoms should disappear within 1-10 days.

Abnormal recovery usually consists of heavy bleeding, passing white, gray or green tissue; pregnancy symptoms that persist, abdominal tenderness, foul-smelling vaginal discharge and no menstrual cycle for two or more months.

Don’t Travel Or Lift Heavy Objects
We advise patients to not travel immediately after their procedure. They should not be lifting heavy objects as well. It is also important for patients to not indulge in alcohol or drug consumption because you will be less aware of the complications that may arise if under the influence.

For more information on what to do after your abortion and abortion recovery, please refer to the Eastside Gynecology Aftercare Instructions or call our office.