Surgical Abortion or First Trimester Abortion Methods

Surgical abortion methods are available within the first trimester up until 12 weeks of gestation. The surgery generally takes between five and ten minutes. You are then taken to the recovery room where you will be observed by our nursing staff for another thirty to sixty minutes before being released.

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Second Trimester Abortion Procedure

From 13 to 24 weeks of gestation, the second trimester abortion procedure is typically performed in one day.

A woman between 15 and 22 weeks will require a two-day procedure for safety reasons.  For women between 23 and 24 weeks, a two or possibly a three-day procedure is required for safety reasons.

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Choices For Anesthesia During Surgery

General Anesthesia / Conscious Sedation

The patient remains asleep during the entire abortion procedure. The patient may feel some discomfort upon awakening, similar to menstrual cramps.

Local Anesthesia

Medication is administered to numb the cervix. During the procedure, the patient will feel some discomfort resembling menstrual cramps.