Making Your Abortion Decision

At Eastside Gynecology we realize how stressful it can be to make a decision about having an abortion.  We offer a warm and caring environment, a sympathetic and non-judgmental attitude towards our patients, and all the correct information about abortion. All patients are given individual attention and counseling in order to ensure their privacy.

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Counseling & Abortion Facts

Many of our patients are referred to us from other physicians who have diagnosed the patient with a fetal demise and/or fetal abnormality. Our staff is trained to provide sensitive and compassionate care for patients during a difficult time, and we always provide real abortion facts to help patients make their decision. Genetic studies are available upon request.

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Why Choose Eastside?

Eastside Gynecology is known for its outstanding reputation in women’s healthcare, which is why not only physicians refer their patients, but also our patients refer their family, friends, and colleagues for types of abortions and other gynecological services. We also have a state-of-the-art QuadA Surgical Facility and operating rooms that private medical practitioners from Lenox Hill Hospital, NYU, and Cornell specifically request to use.

Our dedication to patient care and is unmatched by any other practice, which is why we have designed our facility to reflect the care you are given – with marble floors, private VIP rooms, and oil paintings throughout. Every patient is given a survey to complete, in which we consistently receive an average of 5.5 stars out of a perfect 6.

Can I Afford it?

We work with a large number of insurance companies and have both in-network and out-of-network practitioners. Because everyone’s financial and insurance circumstances are unique, we have patient advocates on staff whose express purpose is to guide you through the all the details of the various types of abortion procedures and payments.

When using your private insurance, a billing advocate will personally meet you and coordinate all of your insurance needs. Learn more about insurance and fees here.