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Gynecology in NYC

Just steps from Grand Central Station on Manhattan’s East Side, Eastside Gynecology has become a standard of excellence by which all other NYC gynecology facilities and NYC abortion clinics are measured. We attribute much of our reputation to a dedicated staff of physicians and medical assistants who deliver every day on the model of caring and kindness set over the course of 35 years of dedicated gynecology service to New York area women.

Please call 212-308-4988 or contact us to schedule an appointment with an experienced gynecologist in NYC.

Gynecology Exams and Procedures
Menstrual Pain
Irregular Menses
Breast Lumps or pain
Birth Control
Cone biopsy
Endometrial biopsy
Essure Birth Control
Endometrial Ablations
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
HPV Testing and Vaccine
Loop Electrocautery
Excision (LEEP)
Pap Smears
STD screening
Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

More NYC Gynecology Services

Pregnancy Testing | HPV & STD Testing | Sonograms and Ultrasounds | Endometrial Ablation

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