Abortion Aftercare

Whether it’s a surgical abortion or the medical abortion pill, abortion aftercare requires the utmost attention. The following chart is an easy way to understand abortion aftercare and evaluate the recovery implications for different procedures. Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions page for detailed information about a variety of common issues, concerns and medical abortion aftercare facts.

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*except tampon insertion or sex
ImmediatelyAfter cramping resolves, usually 1-4 hours1st Trimester within hours
2nd Trimester next day
BLEEDINGUsually lighter than a period for 1 - 2 weeks1 - 2 Weeks of intermittent bleeding or spottingUsually lighter than a period for 1 - 2 weeks
CRAMPINGGoes awayUsually 1-4 hoursMild for up to 24 hours
PREGNANCY SYMPTOMSUsually nausea decreases within hours of the procedureUsually nausea goes away within day of taking the first pill Usually nausea decreases within hours of the procedure
PRECAUTIONSNothing in the vagina for 3 weeksNothing in the vagina for 14 daysNothing in the vagina for 3 weeks