5 Things Your Escort Should Know Before Your Abortion Appointment

Unplanned pregnancies are completely normal and happen often. Some people choose to have an abortion after finding out they are pregnant and that decision is okay. Even couples who planned to become pregnant may decide to have an abortion if it is not safe or healthy for the woman to carry the pregnancy to full-term.

No matter the reason why a woman chooses to have an abortion, the most important factor is the type of support she receives during this personal time.

Here are five tips you and your escort should be mindful of before you arrive at your abortion appointment.

The Wait Time
Abortions are surgical procedures. It usually takes ten minutes to perform an abortion. However along with recovery time and expedited services (i.e. paperwork) your appointment may last approximately 2.5 hours (or more) depending on your case.

Bring One Escort
Please bring one escort to your appointment. You do not need to bring more than one person with you because of the wait time and office space. Once your appointment is completed, you can meet with other members of your support system.

No Children
Due to the nature of the procedure, children are not allowed to be at the appointment. If you do come with children, your appointment will be canceled and rescheduled.

Do Not Bring Food Or Drinks To Your Appointment
You are not allowed to eat, drink or smoke before your procedure. Your escort can, but we advise that they do not bring their meal (or snacks) to our office.

Be Respectful Of Other Patients & Staff
Escorts should come with positive attitudes. While waiting for your procedure to be completed, your escort should be respectful to and of other patients and their escorts. People have abortions for different reasons and respond emotionally to their decisions, in different ways. Please be nice to the patients, escorts, and staff you meet while you wait in our office.